DUI Law in Utah

Year after year, statistics confirm one of the most dangerous things a driver can do is get behind the wheel drunk. This is no surprise to anyone. After all, the more intoxicated a driver is, the less he or she can drive safely.


Alcohol is a roadway killer. Drinking and driving kill around 10,000 people a day globally — about 1 person every 21 minutes, mostly occurs on weekends, stated National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The yearly crashed due to unconscious driver reaches more than $44 billion cost which is responsible for one-third of traffic fatalities, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

All driving drunk takes a split-second delay in reaction, and the consequences end lives utterly. 

What Is DUI / DWI Law? 

DUI, short for Driving-Under-The-Influence, and DWI, short for “Driving-While-Intoxicated” refers to driving when a driver is being impaired by drug, alcohol, or medication effect. Depending on the state law, these two terms may vary. However, upon conviction of DUI, an impaired driver may call a criminal who is likely to be fined, imprisoned, have license revoked or suspended, or even instructed by the court to integrate an ignition interlock device (IID) in an automobile. 

Which States Have DUI Rules OR Law?

Almost 51 states are operating with DUI laws and regulations including Utah today in the USA. 

What Are The Possible Consequences Of the DUI Law In Utah?

In Utah, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is written off as in Vehicle Code 23152(f) VC. The possible consequences under DUI in Utah vary in two aspects. One is prior DUIs if on offenders’ record and another injury due to DUI. 

Most driving under influence cases is prosecuted as crimes in Utah due to a traffic violation. Sometimes these offenders are charged under misdemeanor if other parties have injured or any of four DUIs on record. Some convictions impersonate for Utah DUIs. In some cases, offenders are allowed to until they install IID. 

How To Avoid A Drunk Driving Conviction?

For any reason, if you are drinking, be sure to keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level low-slung by adopting any of the following tips. Alcoholic BAC drops about .015 per hour after it peaks. In addition, a BAC of .05 drops to zero after 3.33 hours. Police officers check this level through automated technology to impersonate you.

  1. Every time you go out, choose a designated driver who does not drink alcohol. 
  2.  If you go out alone, do not drink. Order non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks or water.
  3. Never feel anxious to drink especially when you are under the legal drinking age. If you plan to drink, please do so sensibly. Eat and drink plenty of water. 
  4. After you have finished drinking, call a cab or car service to get a ride, such as Uber or Lyft. 
  5. Do not get on the bus with a commercial driver who drinks alcohol.  
  6. If you can, protect others from drinking and driving. 
Penalty For Driving While Intoxicated
Penalty For Driving While Intoxicated

What Is The Penalty For Driving While Intoxicated As Per Utah DWI Law?

Here is the legal limit for possible consequences in Utah under the act of DUI. 

  1. In Utah, the first offense misdemeanor under DUI is for 6 months in jail and has a fine between $390 and $1000. In the first DUI, IID is not mandatory; however, the court can suspend the driver’s license for a maximum of four months. Besides an offender can acquire a restricted driver’s license for driving after 30 days of prosecution and can use it for 4 months. 
  2. In Utah, the second offense misdemeanor under DUI is between 8 days to 1 year in county jail along with a fine of up to $1000. In the second offense misdemeanor, the offender may refuse to install IID. However, the court can suspend the driver’s license for 2 years maximum – through restricted license is applicable for back and forth after 1 year.
  3. In Utah, the third offense misdemeanor under DUI is between 4 -12 months in jail along with a fine of up to $1000. In the second offense misdemeanor, the offender may refuse to install IID. However, the court can suspend a driver’s license for 3 years maximum. 
  4. Injured DUI arrests undergo 1 week to 12 months; fine up to $5000 plus compensation to injured ones; and 3 years license suspension. 
  5. A first offense DUI through injury undergoes 2-16 years; fine up to $5000 plus compensation to injured ones; and 1-year license suspension.
  6. Felony DUI undergoes up to 3 years; fine up to $1000; and 1-year license suspension. 

When You May Need An Attorney Against DWI law in Utah?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is treacherous and illegal. If you are caught by law enforcement, you risk imprisonment and fines, not to specify humility.

Even after knowing this, if you have been charged with drunk driving, you had better be prepared to go a long way, because the judiciary will not take it lightly. To save yourself from this crisis, it is the time you need a DUI lawyer on hand.


DUI/DWI is a crime in a Utah in which drivers drive a vehicle while being unconscious after the effects of alcohol, drugs, and medical prescription. Once a police officer catches an offender, the court can seize him in prison, charge a fee, or suspend the driver’s license as per the damage. To save from charges under DUI Law, one can seek attorney client relationship.